Meeting at the top of luxury at The Luxury Network CEO Evening

It is said that the random meetings are always the most beautiful …. but the meeting at the CEO Evening of The Luxury Network organized on October 29th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was not random.

Exclusive event, pure essence of business in the luxury world, from which collaborations and important working relationships are born.

This is what happened at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi between Artha Luxury, its partner Mancini Luxury and the wonderful family of “W Couturier”, who carry on a family tradition, an art, from India to the Arab Emirates.

The family-owned company is rooted in deep values across the pillars of loyalty, tradition and artistic expertise and remain a rare repository of knowledge for today’s Saville Row apprentices. What started off as a singular ‘Whyte’ shirt, has evolved to cater to the lost art of hand-crafted pristine dinner jackets to extravagant suits and everything in between.

W Couturier has been in existence since 1940. It’s craftsmanship stems from over a century of knowledge passed down from Saville Row tailors attending to the Viceroy and Governor-General of India. Those techniques, knowledge and experience have been generationally passed down, preserving and salvaging the craft of superior master tailoring. Over its 80-year history, W Couturier has gained a reputable name for itself as a premium, hand-crafted tailoring service of bespoke European quality.

W Couturier’s clients include members of the GCC Royal Families and the regions elite.

Steeped in sophistication and timeless elegance, W Couturier suits are the arbiter of discernible style for the modern gentleman and woman. Tradition and craftsmanship thread across all W Couturier collections from the man fresh out of college to the man at the top of his game, to the woman breaking the glass every glass ceiling.


The W Couturier experience cultivates the finest gentlemen and women. From the moment you step into W Couturier you’re transported to yesteryear – a time of old-world charm, grace and gentility. Throughout your journey with W Couturier you will be imparted with a deep repository of knowledge on the historical legacy of suits across generations.



W Couturier’s hand-crafted tailoring has been honed over eight decades. The level of precision, dedication and know-how is what gives W Couturier its marked difference over other tailoring services in the UAE. Bespoke customisation is at the core of W Couturier’s philosophy as is a love of authentic artisanship.

With the attention to detail poured into the making of every W Couturier suit, from custom-designed lapels, silk buttons, unique lining and seamless stitching, your suit is a glove-fit to your tastes and preferences.

A special thanks for the kind invitation to Mr. Mohammed M Ali Khan and his son who gave us the chance to appreciate, and touch, their tailoring art…